The Durasovsky Lane, 7, Moscow, Russia

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The Durasovsky Lane, 7

The Durasovsky Lane is located in Basmansky district on the territory of Moscow Central Administrative Division between the Pokrovsky Boulevard and the Vorontsovo Pole Street.

The Durasovs were a Russian nobility enlisted in Part VI of ancestry books of Orenburg, Ryazan, Samara, Petersburg and Tambov principalities. One of its branches grew incredibly rich at the end of the 18th century due to marriage with a heiress of butchers millionaires. Representatives of this branch constructed manors in Lyublino and Gorky near Moscow and a famous building within Moscow on the Pokrovsky Boulevard (Building 11) which gave the name to the Durasovsky Lane.

The lane changed its name with time:

  • the Durasovsky Lane is a current name according to the surname of one of the house-owners of the 18th century Brigadier A.N. Durasov (father of the famous Lyublino owner N.A. Durasov);
  • the Durnovsky Lane - on the city map of 1853 according to the landlord - Durnovo;
  • the Maly Arbatets Street - the original name determined by a former hospice (accommodations for pilgrims including Oriental) functioning within the area.

The even side of the Durasovsky Lane was built in the 19th century. The lane has a noteworthy Building 7 constructed in 1909 for the owners of the I.D. Bayev and Sons footwear firm by the noted architect I.S. Kuznetsov. V.N. Denisov, the author of famous civil war broadsheets who worked under the pseudonym Deni lived in this building. At present the building hosts the popular Ermitage Hotel.