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Ermitage Hotel Policies:

1. The hotel is open around-the-clock; checkout time is 11.59 am, check in time is 1 pm Moscow time.

2. The hotel provides guests with a temporary residence for a period agreed with the hotel administration. On the expiry of this period the guest is obliged to vacate his/her room. In case the guest wants to prolong his/her stay, he/she should inform a receptionist on their decision no later than 2 hours prior to the checkout time. The prolongation of a stay in the same room is possible only in case it has not been booked for the third party and in accordance with Rack Rate prices (at the reception desk).

3. Early Check-In is possible from 6 a.m. to 1 p.m. only in case of availability of vacant rooms at extra cost a full room price.

4. Late Check-Out is possible from 11.59 a.m. to 6 p.m. only in case of availability of vacant rooms at extra cost at the rate of 25% of a full room price. Checking-out after 6 p.m. costs a full room price.

5. Children under the age of 6 can stay in the same room with their parents and be provided with a folding bed for free. In case children over 6 or an adult would like to be accommodated in the same room, they will be provided with a folding bed at additional charge of 1500 roubles per person per night (breakfast included).

The highest possible number of additional places/children beds per room is 1. Additional places and children beds are provided on demand. You may need a hotel confirmation of providing the mentioned service. Children under 18 must be accompanied by their parents.

6. The number of guests should correspond to a room category and the number of guests paid.

7. Visitors can stay at a guest room from 8 am to 11 pm in case they possess their IDs and have registered at Hotel Security Office. Visitors staying after 11 pm should pay their stay in accordance with a full Rack Rate cost per person (at the reception desk).

8. Room cost includes all kinds of taxes. Payment should be made in roubles by cash, non-cash transfer or via credit/ATM cards of the following payment systems: VISA, Master-Card, Maestro, JCB. Guests can be provided with accommodation only after a complete payment for a planned period of stay has been made (by cash or credit/ATM card).

9. Business and festive events can be hold in the hotel conference halls only in case the complete payment has been made, i.e. 50% prepayment (or 100% payment) within 2 bank days after a reservation has been confirmed and other 50% payment should be made 14 bank days prior to the event date. In the absence of financial means the hotel has the right to annul a conference hall reservation and provision of all additional services.

10. Guests accommodated in the hotel are obliged to:

  • Show their ID during checking in, as well as their visa and migration card in case they are not citizens of the Russian Federation;
  • Follow the hotel policies and fire safety rules;
  • Keep cleanness, stillness and peace within the hotel area;
  • Turn off all taps, lock the doors and close the windows before leaving their room;
  • Warn a receptionist about their leaving, return their key and turn over the room to him/her during checking out of the hotel;
  • Repair a damage caused to Hotel in case of a loss, accidental damage or spoiling of its property (the appraisal of damage is made on the grounds of "The Appraisal of Hotel Property Damage" document approved by Hotel Administration);
  • Bear responsibility for the invited visitors;
  • Make full payments for all provided charged hotel services in a due time.

11. Guests are not allowed to:

  • Carry and keep cumbersome belongings, highly inflammable materials, weapon, explosives, chemical and biological substances, constituting a threat to civil health and lives;
  • Keep animals, birds, reptiles, insects, etc. in the room;
  • Use and keep drugs;
  • Be in a state of alcoholic or drug intoxication;
  • Smoke in non-smoking room categories (Building 5, single-, double-rooms and suites from 221 to 251);
  • Light an open flame, use pyrotechnics, non-hotel heating appliances;
  • Let the outliers stay in a guest's room in his/her absence, as well as to pass them the room key.

12. Hotel administration can not be responsible for the city municipal services breakdown as well as for the loss of a guest's personal property and valuables left unattended.

13. Hotel administration keeps the right to visit a room without prior agreement with a guest in case of a smoke formation, fire, flooding as well as in case the guest violates the hotel policies, public order and household appliances usage rules.

14. Hotel has the right to discontinue its service unilaterally in case a guest violates any of the mentioned Hotel policies.

15. If a guest has been absent for 24 hours (or 6 hours since the checkout time), hotel administration has the right to set up a commission which impounds the guest's property located in the room inventorying it. Impounded valuables in a form of money, precious metals, important documents, etc. will be responsibly accepted in deposit. Other impounded property will be kept on a common basis.

16. Cases not provided in the mentioned policies should be solved by hotel administration and guest in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

Hotel Policies have been developed on the grounds of Consumer Protection Act of the Russian Federation and The Rules of Hotel Service Provision in the Russian Federation approved by Russian Government Regulation № 490 of April, 25 1997 (with amendments and addenda of 02.10.1999, 15.09.2000).